Never Boring

  Jodi Rueger is an airline and aerobatic pilot, born in London, ON, and started flying at 18. With no family aviation background or funding, she sought to earn scholarships and studied competitively to do so since 14. Going on to complete her commercial, multi-engine, and instrument ratings at Sault College in the Aviation Technology - Flight Advanced Diploma program. Where the government would subsidize flight training in this highly competitive program, she went on to become a flight instructor and aerobatic instructor in the greater Vancouver area where she flew 80 types of aircraft over the course of 5 years and has to date flown roughly 95 different types. After landing on gravel bars in the river on a set of monster truck-like tundra tires, a student asked if she would like to fly for the airlines and set up an interview. A month later, she had her start date on a 78 passenger Dash-8 Q400 and went on quickly to fly the 189 seats 787-800NG jet for Swoop. Her love of aerobatic flying and ambition to continue to learn every day she flies led her to competitive and display aerobatics, where she dazzles the skies in an RV6 and Pitts S1-S and will be racing in the Reno Air races Sport class in a Thunder Mustang in 2021. When she’s not airborne, she enjoys snowboarding, training dogs, and learning basic aircraft repair and build techniques from one of her sponsors - AI Sytems.

As a professional Stunt Performer, Jodi always put safety first and works hard to promote her fellow pilots' interests. To view some of her professional highlights, and learn more about the art of flying, take a look at our showreel. We are always happy to hear from my fans, so please don’t hesitate to contact, like, follow, and subscribe on social media!